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Not all low back pain is due to a bulging or ruptured disc but many people believe that chiropractors cannot treat either of these conditions. While there are disc conditions that Dr. Myshka will not treat, many bulging and even ruptured discs will respond to conservative chiropractic care delivered by a skilled chiropractor. Preserving normal spinal function and trying the most conservative treatment first may allow you to preserve relatively normal spinal function and avoid surgery until absolutely necessary. If chiropractic care is contraindicated, Dr. Myshka will refer you to an excellent surgeon.


Sometimes people have surgery to correct spinal pain, shave off a disc, or have portions of their spine fused. This may take care of the pain or, in some cases not take care of the pain or even make it worse. Dr. Myshka has seen a number of patients following surgery and recovery from surgery. It does limit and alter chiropractic treatment options, but if you’ve experienced spinal surgery already, you owe it to yourself to protect the other areas of your spine as much as possible.

Also keep in mind that any type of surgery can also initiate a spinal misalignment. When you are put “under” you are dead weight which can put undue stress on your spine. Plus the inactivity of bed rest recovering from surgery can also stress your spine.