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Deep Oscillation Therapy | Jonesboro, AR | Myshka Chiropractic

Deep Oscillation Therapy is a treatment method used as a means to help reduce massive bruising, swelling, and inflammation. At Myshka Chiropractic, we use a deep oscillation machine, called HIVAMAT 200, which has produced positive outcomes and high patient satisfaction! Deep Oscillation Therapy can be applied at a very early stage and starts to reduce swelling immediately. In our experience, we can cut the time of bruising in half!

With this state of the art equipment, we can treat anyone with the need to reduce swelling, relieve soft tissue pain, or recover faster from an injury, including conditions such as:

  • Massive bruising from severe impacts
  • Low back pain
  • Hip pain, sciatica, and stiffness
  • Muscle tension, spasms, and cramps
  • Joint sprains, muscle strains, and sports injuries
  • Tennis elbow, tendonitis, and other repetitive movement issues
  • Whiplash
  • And much more!

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How Does Deep Oscillation Therapy Work?


Deep Oscillation is based on the effects of creating a very safe and extremely low-frequency electrostatic field between the doctor’s hand applicator and the patient’s tissue. The patient’s tissue is electrostatically attracted and released between a selected frequency of 5 and 250 times per second. It penetrates to a depth of 8 cm through all tissue layers, including the connective tissue, not just vibrating on the skin surface like other conventional electrotherapies.

In the area of the interstitium (fluid-filled spaces in tissue), the resonant vibration causes a “mixing” of the basic substance, subsequently stimulating transportation of the interstitial liquids and their components (proteins, cellular disintegration products, neurotransmitters, etc.). Interstitial septa and spaces remain open due to the mechanical activation, which helps improve interstitial drainage — thus significantly reducing local bruising, aseptic inflammations, and swelling in the area of the wound. In chronic conditions, the treatment helps to disperse fibrosis and hardened tissue.

Deep Oscillation Therapy divides, compresses, and pumps out the excess inflammatory by-products that have accumulated at the problem area to the lymph system for removal. Once removed, pain is reduced and the area is free to uptake the essential nutrients it requires to heal, cutting healing time by as much as 50%.

Benefits of Deep Oscillation Therapy

Besides improving the willingness to be active, Deep Oscillation Therapy has a substantial pain soothing and muscle relaxing effect and therefore makes the patient feel fully relaxed and comfortable!

Patients report benefits including:

  • Reduction in bruising
  • Reducing pain and swelling
  • Stimulating the flow of nutrients to targeted tissue
  • Improving tissue quality
  • Stimulating cell regeneration
  • Naturally improving skin elasticity

Deep Oscillation Therapy in Jonesboro

To find out if Deep Oscillation Therapy could be a solution for you, call Myshka Chiropractic at (870) 932-5661. Dr. Myshka can evaluate your situation and provide you with high-quality care to reduce massive bruising, swelling, and inflammation.

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